Valentine Musings

valentine musings

The winter holidays are over and it is time for the dreaded Valentine’s Day experience. Love is a pretty complicated event and mostly it arrives unannounced. It seems that the people who say “I want someone to love” are disappointed while those who are already happy or even already in love seem to attract all the interested and interesting possibilities.


I have been convinced for many years that it is not the words but the energy underneath the words that tells the real truth.

“I want a partner” is a sort of hunting cry. It should not be necessary to stalk and capture your prey in a possible new relationship. The energy put out with those words is an aggressive energy and can usually be guaranteed to back the desired person away. Who wants to be trapped into a relationship? It is a clear indication that the wanting person is, well… wanting. The days of a person seeking “their other half” should be long gone. What is preferable is “another whole.”

When someone is happy and able to be content in their own life their energy is positive and welcoming. A happy and abundant nature is very seductive. A kind of vacuum of sharable space is created into which a potential partner can be invited. “Look – there is room for you too in my good life” not “I will never be happy until I get a partner.”

Users can always sense desperate energy and will gravitate toward it so they can feed their habit so please don’t be desperate. If you find yourself always attracting a Reader’s Digest version of a previous unhappy relationship please STOP and count the blessings you already have in your life. You no longer have to sacrifice yourself to another person to be loved. That way “There be Dragons!”

Caregivers have a very bad habit of buying affection with service. Sometimes they see themselves only as the service they provide. This prevents the receiver from getting a chance to see the real person behind the “gift” and interferes with the possibility of actual intimacy.

Love should be a fun experience. Enter it carefully and not in a desperate hurry.

Enjoy each little step along the way and remember that this journey is best savored slowly and appreciatively. Always be grateful for what you already have and for what adventures may be in the future for you and please trust that Spirit has you in safety.

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